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Does server speed actually make a difference?

We recently had a brilliant opportunity to prove that server speed makes a massive difference to your site and it’s overall success in search engine rankings.

We had just built a new responsive site for a Graphic Design company based in the UK with operations in India. The client had acquired a new .london domain and wanted the new site, which would be hosted by W4B, to also be uploaded to there US servers run by the hosting company that had been there web host for years.

This gave us a unique opportunity to compare the identical site on two separate platforms. The .london on our servers and the .com on there US based servers.

The sites are absolutely identical down to the last piece of custom css.

Utilising the Pingdom Website Speed Test we tested both sites from

The .london site is hosted on our hi speed servers based in Manchester, England and the .com site is on a server in Houston, Texas.

As the company is based in the UK we tested Amsterdam 1st.




As you can see the difference in load speed is rather dramatic, but we also scored 11 points higher in performance and our delivery system made the packet a full 1 mb smaller.

For the full report including all the cities and full screen shots of the tests Read More

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